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Kevin Rush

It's not like most gyms, there's no egos and everybody is welcomed and made to feel comfortable. A brilliant well kitted out setting with friendly management and clientele, and supports amazing causes through events and profit share.

Plenty of free parking too which is a nice bonus. HIGHLY recommended.

Derek Wright

A great gym with targeted equipment to allow you to enjoy a quality and challenging training session .

They have a welcoming community that makes you feel at home, always happy to help.

Worth a trip if just to buy some quality supplements

Casey Evans


Such a friendly environment where everyone is welcome, Alex makes sure he spends the time to get to know each and everyone of his clients and members, it's a real community.... a little gym family. We've just had the most fantastic Christmas do it's a real pleasure to part of this community. THANK YOU! combat fuel!

Faye McKernan

I would highly recommend this place!!

I was very nervous and had no confidence in the gym and no idea what I should be doing. Alex was incredibly supportive and always happy to help out when I needed a little extra guidance (which happened quite alot in the beginning). Really nice supportive environment where not just Alex but the other gym users are really happy to help.

Ryan Woods

What an amazing gym. They have great staff who are always friendly, up for a laugh and very knowledgeable. Always good vibes. They also support an amazing cause.

Chris Petherwick

Excellent gym, very welcoming and friendly environment. Great kit and they also sell loads of supplements!

Clifford Richards

I have used Combat Fuel Fitness Ltd a few times now and can say each time has been a positive experience, the staff are friendly and are always willing to help no matter what your training requirements or experience. Probably the most ideal gym in Andover for those Who wish to step foot in the gym for the first time as nobody will judge and everybody is friendly.

Amanda Cox

After training with Alex for a year my self confidence and mental attitude is 100% improved from this time last year. Don't ever be afraid to ask for help, Alex is always there to support you in the gym. The gym environment is a friendly non threatening and non judgemental place to be any female would feel safe and welcome.


Since joining Combat Fuel Fitness Ltd back when it opened in November my confidence within the gym has grown. The gym atmosphere is very warm and welcoming which helps to make anyone that is feeling nervous instantly feel relaxed and the owner Alex is always happy to help you and answer any questions you may have. I would recommend this gym to anyone regardless of gym abilities or age as it caters for all.

Mark Dargan

I suffer with complex PTSD and depression, and am down on my luck at the moment, but Bez has been so kind to me, offering me a place to train for free until I get myself back in my feet, I'm so grateful to him.

Colleen Flynn-Stridgeon

Only started last week but I'm already loving this place. The detail that is put into each member is beyond anything I've had anywhere else and I've been a member of quiet a few gyms over the years!

Looking forward to seeing what the future brings.

Sean Hayes

Awsome gym. Fantastic equipment. Very friendly and professional staff. A nice enjoyable atmosphere

Daniel Baker

If your thinking about signing up to a gym this year just take a second to look at this gym it's not the biggest gym but it has everything you need and if your a person that gets anxious about going to the gym like I was myself, this place is warm and welcoming and if you get stuck with anything Alex is always happy to help I've been training with Alex now for just up to two year and I've learnt so much from him and has helped me achieve goals I've never thought I'd achieve especially having trouble with my leg having a club foot I thought I wouldn't ever get to lift heavy weights or any for that matter he's not only a great PT and awesome at what he does but he's also become a great friend to of mine.

Stefan Simmons

Combat Fuel Fitness is a really clean, tidy and nice little gym and has a great atmosphere. Alex is really helpful and knows what he's talking about, always love having a good laugh with him, a very funny bloke.

Theo Wilson

As someone who used to hate the gym, never did I think going to the gym would turn into one of the highlights of my week. Fantastic gym with great equipment and perfect environment to push yourself. Alex tailors your programme to whatever your needs are and truly helps you meet and exceed your goals.

Tim Pashchenko

Combat Fuel Fitness gym is clean, well maintained and the atmosphere is amazing as well as having a wide range of equipment which is all you need to train.

I suffer from anxiety and panic disorder but I feel completely comfortable in combat fuel fitness's gym.

Alex the owner is a very approachable person and he has vast amounts of knowledge about personal training, if I need some advice about training or just a general chat he's willing to listen and offer advice.

I highly recommend that anyone who is thinking of starting the gym or is looking for a change to check out this awesome gym.

Matt Gouldstone

Combat Fuel Fitness offers a great gym atmosphere and the right knowledge and expertise to help you improve you. The gym is warm, clean and kit is excellent. Other members are friendly and will offer help if you want it. This place will grow and with direction and motivation it will help you grow also. Great independent supplement range too, and great to know this business helps support our veterans.